Jumbo Loans

VanDyk is proud to offer Jumbo Loans for the purchase and refinance of homes.  Jumbo Home Loans typically require good credit history, asset reserves,  strong employment history and low debt ratios.  We now have options for lower fico scores, Bank Statement income, Investor Cash Flow (DSCR),  adverse events as soon as 2 years out (bankruptcy and foreclosure), and more.   We have more flexible options for Jumbo Financing, give us a call to review your situation.

Our Jumbo Loans can be used to purchase or refinance the following property types: 

  • Single Family Homes
  • Condo’s
  • PUD’s
  • Duplex or 2 unit (owner occupied only)
  • Triplex or 3 unit (owner occupied only)
  • Quadplex or 4 unit (owner occupied only)
  • Second Homes (SFR or Condo)
  • Non-warrantable Condos  (see more non-warrantable condo info here for details)
  • Blanket Loans for multiple properties
  • Cross Collateralization – use your current home equity to help on down payment for next home
  • Buy before you sell – Call to find out how
  • Fix and Flip loans

We require as little as 10% down for Jumbo Loan Amounts up to $2m (with zero PMI),  and just 15% down up to $3m loan amounts.   We also offer Super Jumbo loans up to $10m loan amounts.

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