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VanDyk Mortgage – the Jumbo Loan Pro’s – Conventional, FHA, and VA Jumbo Home Loans

VanDyk Mortgage – the Jumbo Loan Pro’s – Conventional, FHA, and VA Jumbo Home Loans

VanDyk Mortgage offers Jumbo Loans such as:

  • FHA Jumbo
  • Conventional Jumbo
  • Fannie Mae High Balance
  • Freddie Mac Super Conforming
  • VA Jumbo loans

We are a Direct Jumbo Lender (aka Mortgage Banker) serving multiple states across the county,   be sure to call us when you need expert advice and funding for your next home purchase (or refinance).

Please check back regularly for updated info on Jumbo Loans and information throughout California, Georgia, Indiana, Massachusetts,
Michigan, Mississippi, Tennessee, Virginia, Washington and Wyoming.



Jumbo 2 unit loans – Jumbo Duplex loans

Jumbo 2 unit loans – Jumbo Duplex loans

In historic high cost markets such as San Francisco, San Mateo, Daly City, etc  Duplexes and 2 unit flats are a great investment.   Buy both sides and live in one, rent out the other.   Since the prices in these markets often exceeds standard conventional financing such as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the market is low on options for financing these with as little down payment possible.

For Owner Occupied 2 unit and Duplex purchases,  we offer the following down payment options:

  • 15% down with zero PMI up to $1m Loan Amounts (requires a 740 score)
  • 20% down up to $1.5m Loan Amounts  (requires a 720 score)
  • 20% down up to $2.0m Loan Amounts  (requires a 740 score)

We also offer rate and term refinances for each of the above Loan to Value limits (LTV) and fico combinations.

These are Jumbo Loans,  so the underwriter will require asset reserves and solid debt ratios.  Please call direct to see if these options might work for you.  Call 866-900-2342  toll free direct  or Get Started Online here.




Non-Warrantable Condo Loans

Non-Warrantable Condo Loans

VanDyk Mortgage offers Conventional and Jumbo Financing options for Non-Warrantable Condos.    What is a non-warrantable condo? Basically it’s a condo that doesn’t meet Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac guidelines for Condo approval.   The same guidelines apply to most Jumbo Loans,  but that’s where our VanDyk Non-Warrantable Condo loans come in.

If the Condo Complex (aka Association) is not warrantable (approvable) for one of the following reasons,  we may be able to help with our Non-Warrantable Condo loans:

  • Budget with less than 10% for reserves (HOA budget)
  • Mixed use percentages from 20-40%
  • a single entity owns between 10% and 25% of the units   (normal max is 10%)
  • up to 25% of the homeowners can be delinquent on dues  (vs no more than 15% normally)

These are approved on a case by case basis,  as we will examine the overall health of the HOA/ Condo Association to determine if it qualifies.

Look at these options available for Non-Warrantable condo loans:

  • Borrow up to $1m with as little as 15% down payment and no PMI!
  • Refinance up to 85% with no PMI (up to $1m loan amounts).
  • Owner occupied Cash out Refi’s up to 75% LTV.
  • Up to 75% LTV for second home Condo’s – purchase and refinance

Give us a call today to get started or just ask a question about the program.   866-900-2342 toll free direct.


Pleasanton VA Loans and FHA Home Mortgage Loan info for 2015

Pleasanton VA Loans and FHA Home Mortgage Loan info for 2015 – California VA Lender & FHA Lender

VanDyk Mortgage is your source for VA Loans and FHA Loans in Pleasanton.  We have been making FHA, VA, Conforming, and Jumbo loans since 1987.   VanDyk Mortgage is a Direct Lender.   We offer many loan programs for Pleasanton Homebuyers and Pleasanton Homeowners to Purchase and Refinance homes.

  • FHA & FHA Jumbo (aka High Balance)
  • VA & VA Jumbo (aka High Balance)
  • Conforming & Conforming Jumbo (aka High Balance or Super Conforming)
  • Jumbo Loans to $3m

Pleasanton FHA Loans are available up to $625,500 with just 3.5% down payment.  The FHA 2015 Loan Limit for Pleasanton is $625,500.  Pleasanton FHA Loans that are over $417K up to $625,500 are called FHA Jumbo or FHA High Balance loans.

Pleasanton  VA Loans are available up to $625,500 with zero down-payment. The Pleasanton VA Loan Limit for 2015 is $625,500.  However, Veterans are not limited to the Alameda county Loan limit of $625,500 for VanDyk VA Loans.   We offer VA Jumbo Loans up to $1.5 Million with the appropriate down-payment or equity to reach the VA Guarantee requirements of 25%.   Here is one of our posts on how you can get a VanDyk Mortgage VA Loan over your county limit.

Pleasanton Conforming Loans are available up to $625,500. The Pleasanton Conforming Jumbo Loans (aka Conforming High Balance, those over $417,000 and up to $625,500) require a minimum of 10% down-payment or equity.

 Pleasanton Home Loan information

FHA Home loans for Pleasanton, California:

  • FHA Home Loans require just 3.5% down-payment
  • FHA Jumbo Loans up to $625,500 (aka FHA High Balance)
  • The $625,500 is the base loan amount – the Pleasanton FHA Loan Limit of $625,500 does not have to include the UFMIP (FHA’s Upfront Mortgage Insurance Premium, which is usually financed into your loan amount)
  • The Seller can pay up to 6% of your closing and settlement costs.
  • Minimum score for most FHA Home Loans is just 620, even on FHA High balance or FHA Jumbo.
  • You can receive a gift of funds for your Down payment and closing costs from Family
  • FHA Loans allow non-occupying co-borrowers such as parents and siblings.

VA Home Loans for Pleasanton, California:

  • Active Duty Military and Veterans can both qualify
  • 100% financing up to $625,500
  • A $725k Pleasanton Home Purchase would only require $25,000 downpayment (3.45%) – not including the VA Funding Fee
  • VA Loans require no Mortgage Insurance
  • VA Loans do require a VAFF (VA Funding Fee), which is usually financed
  • Veterans with a 10% or higher VA disability pay no VA Funding fee
  • Sellers can pay up to 4% of the VA Buyers closing costs
  • VA Loans are available to purchase or refinance Condominiums.  Here is more information on VA Condo Loans for Pleasanton .   We also offer VA Jumbo Loans to purchase Condo’s!
  • VA Jumbo Loans available for Condo Purchase and Refinance also!
  • VA IRRRL Streamlines available for Non-owner and Investment homes
  • We do not limit VA Jumbo IRRRL Streamlines to the Alameda County VA Loan Limit


Conforming Home Loans for Pleasanton, California:

  • Available up to $625,500 with the Conforming High Balance (aka conforming Jumbo)
  • Pleasanton Conforming loans available up to $417,000
  • Just 3% down-payment required up to $417K
  • Now available – NO Monthly PMI Loans up to $417K with 5% down-payment
  • Conforming Jumbo Loans  over $417K require a minimum of 10% down-payment or up to 90% LTV
  • Allow for condominiums, Second Homes, and Investment properties
  • Call for details on Fico score requirements, down-payment requirements, etc

We offer Jumbo Conventional Loans up to $3m – call for details.   VanDyk Mortgage has been making FHA loans since 1987. We are a HUD recognized Full Eagle FHA DE underwriter and FHA Direct Lender. We are also a VA Lender and VA Jumbo Lender.